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Tim Ellmers Fine Art (TEFA) – began in late 2016 with the selling of several of my personal paintings to local patrons. From this stemmed more and more interest from others. I began to be more confident in my abilities as an artist that I started taking commissions from customers and their satisfaction had lead me to open my online Gallery, TEFA. Though I do not have a physical store location in Hendersonville customers who have bought pieces of my work have asked that I start posting my work online in some way. I first established my small business on Etsy, but over time I found that this platform was not right for me.

























My work is very personal to me as I really put a lot of effort and love into each piece. Therefore, I decided to start my own site under my terms and conditions. Rather than selling using a middleman, I decided it was time I sell on my own site to eliminate unwanted stress or pressure. This also benefits the customers in not having to pay unnecessary taxes or handling fees. 


I did not originally plan to start this small business for the sole purpose of making money. I am an artist only part-time when not working professionally. I get much enjoyment and excitement that is worth more to me than anything. 


Art should be for all people, not just for certain people. So you will only find affordable gallery-quality art here at TEFA.


It gives me much personal satisfaction that I am doing well if I can help others in someway enjoy art again. Painting for me has always been a great way to escape and be creative. I am hoping to soar again as I am changing my creative focus to doing what I love; creating works of art for others to enjoy. 


Thank you again for visiting my online gallery!

View from Burge Mountain in late summer overlooking Hendersonville, North Carolina
Tomato Line-Up; 11 x 14 in., Oil on Panel

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