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Artist Biography - Tim Ellmers

Funny Faces - One; 5 x 7 in., Oil on Panel
Midnight Cow Painting
Midnight Cow; 16 x 20 in., Oil on Canvas
Hosta Blooms; 11 x 14 in., Oil on Canvas

Tim Ellmers has been exposed to the visual arts for the majority of his life while growing up in the Low Country of Charleston, South Carolina. He is considered an up-and-coming artist whose paintings capture the hidden simplistic beauty found in unexpected places and fleeting moments of surrounding landscapes.

His artistic vision began taking shape through school courses in the early 1990s. It was not until high school that Tim truly started to recognize his abilities and potential as an artist. Tim was exposed to a wide variety of mediums such as ceramics, pottery, pastel, oil and acrylic paint, charcoal drawing, and textural 3D art. Having had this exposure was pivotal to discovering his love for drawing and painting with oil and acrylic mediums. Growing up in the Low Country was attention-grabbing for Tim as he drew and painted the magnificent landscapes of the surrounding city. Tim participated in many workshops and summer school programs, affording him the ability to participate in local community art events with other amazing artists. While in Charleston Tim won placement awards for many of his works.

While preparing for higher education, Tim made a hard decision to not pursue a formal education in art. Instead, he focused his efforts in ways he could give back to his community and to help others. Tim attended Winthrop University in the fall of 2002 where he studied biology and chemistry, later transitioning to Campbell University to study Pharmacy. After graduating with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree in 2010, Tim completed a year of pharmacy residency training in Virginia. He stayed in Virginia and practiced pharmacy for an additional 5 and a half years. It was during this time Tim decided to reenergize his love for painting after a 14-year hiatus. In 2015, Tim and his wife moved to Hendersonville, NC where he has re-focused his efforts and his love for painting. The Blue Ridge Mountains are now where Tim calls home and offers him the perfect backdrop to continue exploring its beauty and wonders. In 2016, Tim starting painting more and more thus creating Tim Ellmers Fine Art (TEFA) out of his home studio in Hendersonville. In 2017, he started taking commissions so that he could share his love for art. Through dedicated self-study, Tim has been able to discover his own personal style which is simple and loose. Tim finds creating art to be a very therapeutic vehicle for life but finds it even more exciting when sharing it with others. In 2020, Tim started participating in Local and National Art Exhibitions and has had work accepted at the national level. He continues to explore and grow through his art.

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