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Diane - A Reflection

Last year, I attended a workshop with David Shevlino. I learned several takeaways in the workshop relating to value and form to impressionistic approaches to the human figure. The human figure is just fascinating to me. There are curves everywhere! Many artists paint the figure but their approach, all different. I am hoping to find my own style (i.e. fingers crossed - soon), but I have yet a long way to go in getting values and tone down/second nature. I am taking risks with the failures so I can get to the good ones. I just need to be slow down and think more before mixing and applying.

This photo reference of Diane was a gift from the workshop in ideas for taking pictures of models. I have several more references I want to try. David was okay that I share my progress in my attempt to capture the essence of her pose. However, I have learned a woman is harder to paint than a man. Why? Glad you asked, each brushstroke built on another can easily get out of hand and can quickly transform her soft skin into a butchered man face. Not what I want to happen. The lesson I have learned is to really be subtle in strokes and keep it simple.

Rough sketch in of the big shapes

Diane - Lady in Red in Reflection; 12 x 9 in., Oil on Linen
Enhanced close up

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