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Did I just paint something that looks like something else?

Still life set up in the studio. One light direction perspective

When you are doing a still life, placement of the objects on the canvas does matter. In books that I have read, artist can sometimes move things around for several hours until they get something worth presenting in a painting. Oddly, if you don't play around with the objects enough they could take on a whole new meaning or appear as a different object than initially intended. Not cool! I won't go into detail, but I get what all fuss is about just from having painted a zucchini and squash. They just don't pop enough. Placement does matter as a whole to bring a composition together to make it interesting. Below is my attempt at a still life that I didn't put much thought into placement. My plan for tonights painting is to take the exact same pose and work on color choice. Does this matter? Does it make the painting more interesting? We will have to see. I love squash, so it looks like it may be not the docket for dinner tomorrow night...Enjoy!

Zucchini and Baby Squash (take 1); 8 x 8, Oil on Canvas

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