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Dinner for Two

Played around on this one. What could be more interesting than 2 birds showing up for Chinese food. Struggled on this as it isn't as painterly as I would have wanted. Unsure if this is just my style of painting or if I will ever paint differently from this. Only time will tell.

Going to take a break from painting pictures for a week or so as I am going to be moving forward with painting my kitchen cabinets. (fun?)

Sketching in the still life

Working from Island to Ocean, starting with the most vulnerable places

Dinner for Two; 8 x 8 in., Oil on Panel - Final

Things I learned:

1. You really got to do that Value map. I totally forgot to do it on this painting and I found myself struggling to get the right shadows and values for the bird in the background. Why did I skip it you ask? I was too in a hurry, and you just can't be.

2. It is okay to wait and think on a painting because the next day I came back and made some value changes which made it even better (I think...?).

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