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Step 1 - Get Organized (OCD much?)

Organization of Paints

Before I set off on my journey, I have to get organized. I am not sure how others work, but I am a stickler for organization. I may have a little A.D.D but my mind can't think beyond a mess if it is there. Anyways, our local Michael's Art store here in town had canvases on sale at 70% off. I couldn't pass this up as I have never seen a sale for that much off. I stocked up on 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 canvas which will force me to think small with each painting. My wife thinks that I am crazy for buying 30 of each size and she may be right. I saved over $250 bucks given the sale so I feel good about it. For my art space I took over one of our extra rooms upstairs (right under a sky light). Every artist needs their own space to work, right? I organized my paints on an old piece of plywood and I hung the paints using clips.

Studio Set up

If you plan on doing this for your art room organization I would like to point out that you may want to make sure that your tops are on tight. Over time, I have noticed that the oil inside some of the paints have oozed out. I bought a rolling seat from Hobby Lobby at 40% off. This chair is very important. One thing I remember in high school is that you have to step back every couple of minutes as you paint to get a real perspective of your brush strokes. Have you ever noticed when you are in an art gallery you can tell who the true artists are in the room? What I mean is, true artists tend to stand 1 foot or closer to a painting. They are studying the art strokes and how the painting was executed. Non-artists tend to stand anywhere from 5 to 6 feet away from a painting. This is where you need to put yourself when you are painting so that you aren't OVER PAINTING or OVER THINKING your brush strokes. We all are guilty of it! So get a chair that rolls so you can go back and forth throughout your painting process. Anyways, today is all about organization. All I think I will need now is some tempered glass to paint on for easy clean up. I will, at some point, stop by a glass company here in town to see if I can get a beveled rectangle shape cut for my palette. Currently, I am using a piece of plastic, but now I am starting to get mountains of old paint. Lastly, make sure you have music via blue tooth or a radio nearby when you paint. I find having music in the background really does help. I also steal our apple tv adaptor when I paint upstairs so I can push a picture I took or watch some local news. Monday will be my first day of my new challenge.

Stay tuned!

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