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The Dancing Lesson

For The Dancing Lesson I wanted to challenge myself to approach the composition differently than I would have originally. This took a large amount of reading and exploring other artists work. I wanted to add more texture to my painting and found an article that discussed using a heavy body acrylic gesso as a primer to add interest to any painting.

The heavy body gesso allowed for me to get more texture in the brush strokes. I think it really adds to the visual interest in the composition of the piece when viewed in person.

The Dancing Lesson was painted from a photo I took while visiting the estate. I took the photo from multiple angles and ended up choosing one that had the most sun to shadow interest.

This painting took several layers and many days of it hiding from view so that it would not get overworked. Any artist will tell you that our minds pull us in so many directions but over thinking is a common issue for all of us. For this piece, I pulled myself away when I felt I wanted to add more color and value. I forced myself to just put it away and come back later. Overall, I am happy with how this turned out.


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