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2020 Professional Artist Statement - Tim Ellmers

An artists' statement should never be set in stone. As with any human, growth, and maturity happens. With this, I will update my statement with each passing year as it reflects the brevity of my work. Cheers!

As a self-taught artist living in Hendersonville, NC, I have found a passion for painting both landscapes and portraits. Both styles of compositions communicate their own stories and emotions as they are all captured within a single moment in time. From the subtle forms and basic geometric shapes found within a landscape and human contours, reveals itself to the simplicity of what nature and our environment have to offer.

I consider my painting approach simple and loose, as I approach each subject, in the same manner, no matter how complex it appears. My initial approach to painting begins with breaking down my subject visually into basic shapes. Translating these shapes into a composition using appropriate color, and value is crucial in deciding if the painting in on the right track to what I am seeing visually. I make sure to step back and compare all aspects of the painting and subject often for appropriate adjustment in value, color, or composition when needed. 

Oil and acrylic are my mediums of choice to paint with on either smooth hardwood panels or oil primed canvas. I always begin with a sketch, being sure to map out my value structure and assess my proposed composition. I paint plein air whenever possible, but I also paint in the studio from my plein air sketches, photographs, or live model.

When a viewer looks closely at my paintings, they would see that each brushstroke was taken with thought, dedicated ease, and determination. In keeping my number of strokes limited allows for me to remain impressionistic as I want to suggest rather than render. When you step back and see the composition as a whole, the formation of the brush strokes takes on a beautiful harmonious composition.

I enjoy conveying a story in each of my paintings and find that my work is inherently narrative. As I continue to grow as an artist, I will continue exploring new ways of expression with oil or acyclic well beyond my comfort zone. With every painting, growth is inevitable.

Tim Ellmers Fine Art Studio

Hendersonville, North Carolina

Summer Tomatoes Painting
Summer Tomatoes; 12 x 9 in, Oil on Canvas
Grandfather Portriat
Moon Over Germany; 6 x 8 in., Oil on Panel
My Creative Process in three steps - Composition Sketch, Valued Underpainting, and Final Painting
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