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Tim's Sketch Book Journal

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Value Study Sketch
The Beach Reader
5-minute sketch
5-minute sketch
5-minute sketch
5 minute sketch
5-minute sketch
The Beach Hunters
The Lady with the Umbrella
Leslie and MJ
Hilton Head Sun Bathers
Parents in Play
Mazie Looking for Squirrels
Self Portrait - Contemplation
Side Back Garden
Carl Sandburg Home and field
Looking Sideways
Carl Sandburg Field
Self Portrait - Straight On Sketch
Carl Sandburg Goat Farm
Clive Myrie

Contemplation - this was a quick little sketch using a ball-point-pen in figuring out the comes the painting.

Mazie wanted to Play
Cooper and Mia, Frenchies
The Sun Bathers Group
Darla and her Chicks
Lucy at the Beach
Precious Cargo
Queen Mazie on her Throne
Nellie on the Edge
Beach Reflections
Lanes Cat
May God Bless Him
Beach Reader
Flying with Mom
Mom and Son @ Beach
The Night I couldn't Sleep
Art Materials Still-life
Tubes of Paint
Lady with a Big Bag
Downtown Hendersonville, NC sketch
Dog out Window sketch
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