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  • Does Tim Ellmers Fine Arts have a store front in Hendersonville?
    No. My studio is located near my home on top of my property on Burge Mountain. Though I do not have a store front, all of my artwork is available exclusively on my online gallery or on another gallerys website where I may be participating in an exhibition (that information will be updated when available). I do occassionaly open up my studio to the public once a year during the Hendersonville Open Gallery Tour. This normally is in the end of April or early May through The Henderson County Arts Council. I will post an announcement on my main page and send out email notification when event is near. Please do not hesitate to contact meif you have any additional questions.
  • Do you have any care instruction recommendations for your paintings?
    My paintings are just like any painting one would buy right off the wall in an Art Gallery. All my paintings are either done on a streched canvas or gesso hardwood panels. Both are gessoed and sealled appropriately prior to starting a painting. This allows the substrate to stand the test of time. After the work is dry, I varish all my paintings with 3 coats of breathable varnish. This allows the painting to breath while it continues to oxidize. For displaying your peice it is important to make sure to pick the most appropriate place to hang your painting. You should never place your painting in an area that will receive any direct sunlight. Doing this could fade/bleach the painting overtime. An artist’s light should be okay.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Yes, I will accept returns of unharmed artwork if it doesn’t meet your satisfaction. I want all of my patrons to be happy on the artwork they purchase. At the time of purchase, I ask that you review the gallery rules for returns as outlined in our store policies. The customer is responsible for costs of returned shipping. Unfortunately, commissioned orders will not be accepted for returns as this is a focused custom order by the customer. I always make sure that the customer is satisfied prior to shipping the artwork.
  • Do you offer custom/commissioned order opportunities?
    Yes, I have worked with many patrons in the past and I have thoroughly enjoyed spreading my love of art with others. I work closely with the customer (mainly via email or phone call) so that I am able to accomplish exactly what is requested and intended. If you are interested in a commissioned piece, please start by competing my contacts page.
  • What is the cost of a commissioned piece?
    The cost of any painting I do is based on several factors: 1. Size of the painting 2. Time involved (from start to finish) 3. Subject matter 4. Type of medium (i.e. acrylic, pastel, oil, etc) After we discuss what is wanted by the customer, I will fully disclose what the final cost before I start work. Everything is up for discussion on what you can or can’t afford as I want to meet your needs. I can always help you stay within your requested budget by making recommendations. Rule of thumb, the larger the painting, the more time = increased cost. However, with this being said, I will always be up front in cost. I have compiled a cost sheet for potential customers to review given that I get this question the most.
  • Do you charge by the hour when you paint?
    While I don't charge by the hour exclusively, I do keep track on the length of time it takes me to complete a painting from start to finish. When I formulate the price for the customer in the begining I am giving the price as a whole for the entire project, rather than by the hour. Normally, the cost is based on a price/sq inch (i.e. surface area) Please see my cost listing that I have made available.
  • How long does the Commission Process take from start to finish?
    Once a customer has agreed on a composition (after several email conversations) I will add the request to my painting agenda. At times, there can be a waiting list, but this will be communicated to the customer at the begining of where the request project is on the a schedule. I recommend that if this is a gift to please communicate as early as possible so that your commission can be completed. While I do strive to meet your requested timeline, it may not always be possible. In these cases, it will be communicated. You can request a commission by filling out the contact form.
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