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Commission Information and Options


                             Commissioned paintings are an exciting and unique way to cherish special memories that are guaranteed to be a family heirloom.                          - Tim Ellmers, Artist 

If you are interested in a commissioned painting, please begin by completing the contact form.

Tim will work closely with you to complete your project. 

Example Past Commission Submission
Commission Requested - Photo Submission

Customer requests a painting of two family members at the beach.

The below photo is what was emailed to BMA to review.

Tim Reviews and Formulates the Composition for Customer to Choose

After photo submission, Tim reviews the main elements that have been requested. Tim will formulate composition examples for the customer to choose from.


Composition, by definition, is the placement or arrangement of visual elements or 'ingredients' in a work of art. It is a very important aspect of all good paintings. Several Email exchanges occur during this process for the customer to review. This will help immensely in the composition you choose.


Aspect Ratio: 5 x 7 

Aspect Ratio: 1 x 1 


Aspect Ratio: 8 x 10;with Dog 


Aspect Ratio: 9 x 12;no Dog 

Aspect Ratio: 9 x 14;with Dog 

Final Result - Commissioned Painting

The customer chose aspect ratio 9 x 12 composition without the dog. 


Once finalized, Tim begins work on the painting. The customer is emailed with shots of the painting in process. Once completed, tim emails the customer a final photo of the painting for approval. 


Overall, the time from start to finish is normally a month so that the paint has time to dry. Once dry, the painting is varnished to protect the paintings integerity and to keep the colors sharp. When ready, the painting is shipped.


Em and B go to the Beach; 9 x 12 in., Oil on Panel

Prints also available, if requested

Makes a great gift for family and friends

High-Quality Artist Prints are

printed on Archival Acid-Free

heavyweight paper

Artists prints come in various sizes.

Please Inquire to BMA for more information and pricing. 

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