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I have always loved exploring my local landscapes and I take a great appreciation in my surrounding environment. Nature is alive all around us. Taking inspiration from basic geometric shapes lends itself to the simplicity of what nature and our environment has to offer. I am a self-taught artist living in Hendersonville, North Carolina, who has learned that when you piece together these wonderful shapes it allows for these beautiful places and people to come alive for others to experience, meditate, and enjoy.


Creating works of art in oil or acrylic has always been a therapeutic release of energy, thoughts, and inspiration. Art should be simple, rather than complex. It must be fun and exciting, rather than boring and antiquated. In creating pieces of art, I mainly work straight from photographs that I have taken; however, at times I will create paintings from pure imagination without a photograph. One of the basic fundamentals of working from a photograph is that it allows me to capture nature in its purest moment in time. In translating an image onto the canvas, I break down the components of a photo and bring out the basic, loose shapes into a final composition. When you look at one of my paintings up close, you not only see the love of each brush stroke, but you can see the basic shapes. When you stand back, your mind takes all of these simple shapes and arranges them into a beautiful and complex composition. Our minds are very versatile in that only a few brush strokes are needed for us to understand what we are seeing.


I love to convey a story in each of my paintings and find that my work is inherently narrative. As I have grown as an artist I am exploring even more of the environment and cultures around me. I include human figures that are based on what I am observing of people’s behaviors both individually and collectively as a culture. After all, we share this world together.

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