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Cow on Fire!

Fall is in full swing here in the mountains of North Carolina. Many of the trees are in shades of red and orange which is spectacular to witness! The trees almost look as if they are on fire when the sun hits them in the early and late afternoon.

I had today off and as luck would have it, it's raining. I worked up in my studio and decided to take a different spin on the same cow, another direction. In honor of the month of October, I wanted to create a cow with colors of fall. Unlike my previous attempt, I had no photo to reference. This was pure imagination (which may be why I struggled?) I scraped off a lot of paint as I wasn't happy with the direction I was going. I am not as happy with this attempt as I did my first one. It was frustrating, but it is time to step away for a while.

Underpainting of Cow on Fire

Cow on Fire; 16 x 20 in., Oil on Canvas

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