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Just a Cow, No Bull

I am scheduled to work nights for the rest of the week at work and in prep, for this experience (which I dread) I force myself to stay up way later on the night prior than I normally do. It helps to a point, but that dreaded sun plays tricks on my mind. To pass the time I took advantage of the quiet house and worked up in my studio. Here, I had no distractions to pull me away from painting. I completed this painting from a photo of a local cow here in Hendersonville, NC. Total time; 3 hours from beginning to end. My main goal of this painting was to complete using only loose brush strokes.

It seems like an easy concept, but it isn't for some artists. I struggled to be able to capture an impressionistic look as I am OCD. I caught myself a number of times trying to add details, but it cost me time and paint to remove layer after layer and re-apply a fresh new layer. I am happy with the end result, but I cleared out all my titanium white on this project. It's a small sacrifice.

Underpainting of Midnight Cow

Midnight Cow; 24 x 16 in., Oil on Canvas

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