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A Sketchy Vacation

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Vacation should be relaxing. Where you can just get up and do whatever without judgment or care in the world. For me, I am not an artist full time, therefore any moment I have, or free time, is either in my garden or in my studio. It brings me joy. My career as a Pharmacist brings me joy, but art brings me more joy. Being a creative person can bring relaxation while also inducing exhaustion. Is that contradictory in terms? When painting or drawing, the number of decisions that must be made can be in the thousands. Thus artists may need a nap at the end of each creation.

I look at it from another angle. It is a time for me to just absorb what I am seeing. Artists learn and teach themselves to "see". These sketches below are completed using photos I have taken from my vacation. I do not plan to sell these, therefore I don't have to ask permission of the person. Using photos allows me to see form, value, and composition for a longer time frame than from actual life. If I draw from life, it would have been more gestural vs. hard lines and form (as seen below). I start with 1 line (Usually the top corner of the head) and move to the next by comparing the lines already drawn to the picture, then to my next line, etc. It is just a series of comparisons. It took me so long to learn this. Yes, I have been told so many times by other artists that comparing is key. But it takes a long while to understand what is meant. You need milage under your belt to get better. Just as long as you do it, is all that matters. You must learn from your mistakes, and with each drawing and painting, it gets better. You are able to assess what is wrong with a painting or drawing if you just stare at it.

I just love people scenes. People make a painting more realistic. People can relate to each creation better if other people are in the scene. This is a problem for me when I go out. I see great paintings everywhere. While not everything will make a great painting, I see compositions. Which can be a curse, just ask my wife! haha.

When you are out in public with me, everyone can be a victim to my creativity.


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