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Strike A Pose

With COVID invading our lives getting back in the studio to do live model sessions has been quite difficult. Since I can't find a class at this time the internet is the next best thing. The number of free programs out there just amazing to me. I have come across several different online pose programs that can be randomized to different poses based on the number of minutes per pose. You can set it with a class setting (same model, but different poses - 30 seconds max), or just set the timer to however long you want it. If you are wanting to learn and not going to sell the drawing these types of sites are perfect.

Don't be discouraged at first if everything is a disaster out of the gate. Over time you will build your confidence and your eyes will learn to see.

Here are some sites you can use:

Below are some recent 2 - 5 minute sketches I did today. Give it a go sometime each day if possible. You would be amazed what each day and try brings to your artwork.


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