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Day 5, Split Apple and Cup in Oil

Going a little bigger on this one, 8 in x 8 in. stretched canvas. If you are going to paint an apple you might as well eat it afterward, right? Expanding beyond just the primary colors on this one. This one caused me to scrap off a lot of oil and restart sections. Maybe an apple a day will help me. I know now that I need to work on those cups. The impressionistic ability did not come off as I had imagined. However, I am happy with the final composition.

This painting was so much fun as it is so bright and cheery. I am sure this would brighten up any dark area in your home. This is third in my apple series I am working on.

These apples were obtained locally down the street where I live. Apple season in Hendersonville is just starting as the early season apples are showing up in our farmers markets.

This is a wonderful season!

Split Apple and Cup in Oil; 8 x 8 in, oil on canvas - 3rd in a Series

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