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Painting Values - Study Continues

Day 2 (I have been slow to post).

New Still life arrangement. Second chances...

New Composition

Value map of my composition

Cup and Spoon; 6 x 6 in., Oil on Panel - Day 2 of Value Study - Final

Items learned this go around:

1. Watch those elipses on the cups...they can break you if the perspective isn't right.

2. Make sure to slow down and assess the correct number of values seen.

3. Step back more often.

4. Compare the values to each other...I think I may have rushed it.

5. In stepping back, focus on the lines of the drawings...does it make sense? If not, fix the damn thing!

Items I feel went well:

1. Squinted enough

2. Mixing all my values before hand so that I could compare them to one another (or try to).

Another study on another day...stay tuned.


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