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Travels in Gouache

My wife and I did a trip over to Greece, Turkey, Israel, and Cypress back in March as we celebrate my 40th trip around the sun. It was an amazing trip. We saw so many amazing things. I just recently started experimenting with gouache as a plein air medium. It is easy to transport and has decreased toxicity compared to oils given that it is all water-based. [easy cleanup!] I have a lot of watercolor and mixed media paper lying around so will continue to capture all the highlights from the trip. These are just 3 at the moment.

More to come!

Gouache Plein air painting
Old Lady Selling Jewelry at the Acropolis; 4 x 6 in; Gouache on Paper

Gouache Plein air of Istanbul
The Spice Market of Istanbul; 6 x 8 in; Gouache on Illustration board

Plein Air Hilton Head
Hudson's on Skull Creek; 6 x 8 in., Gouache on Paper

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