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Value, Mood, Practice...

You honestly have to be in a mood to paint, as your current state-of-mind can be captured in the final product. Painting does not always come easy to me. So much thought really goes into how to mix the painting and how to spread it on a canvas. And if you really aren’t “there” the end result can be a disaster. The best thing about oils is that you can scrape off what you don’t like and begin again. With oils, it takes about 2 weeks of solid time to dry completely to the touch. This is great for large paintings that take a long time or require a lot of work. One of my biggest struggles I am working on is creating the correct value and feeling of bright intensity.

I am currently working on a project that I put aside (the camels…resting currently. Putting the painting away and out of sight is a great way to allow yourself to see it again with a fresh mind).

In doing this painting I used the paint I had out for the camels (waste not). I just pulled down some pharmacy items I had an put a light a few feet away. Worked from light to dark.

The result. Eh.

Mortar and Pestle; 8 x 11 in., Oil on Canvas

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