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Windows of 'The Mother Church'

The Ryman Window; 9 x 11 in., Acrylic on Canvas

My wife and I recently traveled to Nashville, TN to ring in the new year. It was a quick trip over a three day weekend. And any trip to Nashville wouldn’t be complete without a stop at The Ryman, the mother church of country music. It was a cool experience to be in a place that has hosted (and still hosts) so many great musical acts.

The Ryman, was initially built as a church but as years progressed the maintenance to keep the Ryman operational was far exceeding what the church could afford or bring in through tithing. In order to raise money the church would host concerts to bring people in. Overtime, secondary to really good acoustics, the church would transform into just a music venue that would welcome music from all backgrounds. The Ryman exists today  due to the generosity from fans and country music stars as it went under a 1.5 year renovation. The stage today is the same as it was initially; however, over 500 seats were removed to accommodate a new side stage and backstage.

When we visited the beauty of the original stained glass windows really stuck out to me. Therefore, I felt inspired to paint them.

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