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5-minute sketches

Today, worked out in the yard a little and finally tackled some big bushes that needed butchering. Now I am feeling the pressure to exercise later today. I want to live forever and not die early in my life. Personal guilt moment. I was going to paint today but decided just didn't feel like it. That creative spark just wasn't there. And that is okay. While I strive to be creative every day with the time I have, I sometimes feel like a bump on a log and don't want to do anything. As long as it doesn't become a habit, I should be okay. I was able to do some 5-minute sketches from an online site. This is helping me out a lot. The more you do it the better you will become. Get out your sketchbook and start sketching! Let me know what you are working on, would love to see it. Don't be scared to show your artwork to others. It can help build up self-confidence.

While using the online poser, I set the timer to 5 minutes. No pausing allowed. I did not know what was coming up next but kept my focus on each and did as much as I could. The last photo of the woman was just the oddest pose and light sources on both ends. I would have liked to spend more than 5 minutes on that pose.

This is my winner for the day, sometimes I surprise myself

Wanted to spend longer on this one, but it would be breaking the rules.

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