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Life Drawing Salon After Work

My local art league of Henderson County, NC has recently been able to rent a location to call home, The Art Place. In previous years, there was no physical location for members to socialize or any studio space to work. Just in this past year, the Art League has expanded into two buildings right down the road from where I live. Those two places are - The Art Place Gallery and The Art Place Studios. Both places together make for a great space for classes during the day and evening. The League just started expanding its offerings and now offers a live model drawing salon on the 1st Thursday of each month. Given that I have a job during the day, the evening works well with my schedule allowing me time to be creative. This was my first time ever drawing a live model in person. Normally, given my schedule and constraints, I have always resorted to using photographs. To keep it simple, I only took a graphite pencil, no eraser with me to the salon. During the session, I learned that a needed eraser is just to remove mistakes but should also be used as a drawing tool to add highlights. Lesson learned for sure for the next time. The class overall was very enjoyable as I got to work with some very talent artists.

Here are my attempts and time allotments.

1 minute Poses - Get the creative juices flowing
Gestural Figure Drawing
1 minute poses - All Gestural

3 minute poses
Gesture and line drawing
3 minute poses

5 minute pose
gestural pose - 5 minutes
5 minute pose

10 minute pose
Live model drawing - gesture
10 minute pose - using a graphite pencil only. No erasing.

20 minute pose
chair body pose - gesture
20 minute pose - light source coming from behind. Wishing I had brought my eraser because that in itself could be used as a drawing tool. Lesson learned!
30 minute pose - last of the evening
live model drawing
30 minute pose - again, wishing at this point I had my needed eraser to bright up the form/highlights

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