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Adding to a Memory

Finally had time to finish the bigger version of my past study painting today, The Cloudy Stream (see previous post). With this update I made the stream more interesting and more realistic to what would one see on James Island. In doing the study painting I changed a few things on the second attempt. I had to say goodbye to the clouds. Instead I added a hazy mountain in the background which added more depth to the distance and atmosphere. Though James Island has no mountains, I gave myself the liberty to do so. All in all, I think it turned out okay, I stayed with the same color scheme I did with the study painting.

Still Water of the Low Country; 16 x 20 in; Acrylic on Canvas

Below is a side by side comparison of my study painting and my updated painting that was based off my trial. Go big or go home!

The Cloudy Stream (left – study painting); Still Water of the Low Country (right – concept growth)

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