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Doughnut do it!

Recently I took some time off work to participate in a workshop up in West Jefferson, NC. It was a workshop with painter Dan Graziano! If you haven't had a chance to check out his work he is a wonderful artist who works from photos taken of people in action. His ability to translate the simple, yet complex, scenes is captivating.

In this workshop we worked directly from our own photo references taken and learned how to translate main objects from the photos to the panel/canvas. The entire workshop was fun and I learned a ton of things I have been doing wrong or not even considering when composing my artwork.

I have included 1 of the 4 paintings below of my father-in-law sneaking a doughnut. For this workshop I wanted to explore the human form and become better at translating what I am seeing to my canvas with only using simple strokes.


Just a Man and his doughnut; 9 x 12 in., Oil on Panel

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