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Funny Faces in paint

As a part of my growth, I find painting people fascinating! Studying the curves of faces and breaking them down into simple shapes brings enjoyment (when it works of course). While I am a cheap model, learning to keep it loose, while also, trying to capture emotion can be difficult. It only takes 1 brush stroke to change a painting for the good or bad. I have failed more times than I have succeeded. I have produced many "burn" type paintings, but it is rewarding to finally get to the good ones.

Each of these paintings began in a similar fashion while each deviated into their own unique ending. My third in the series may not be a funny face, but recently I have been surrounded by so much change. Change can be a good thing, but so much so quickly can take a toll on your mental health. As with this series, never take yourself too seriously. You will never get out of it alive! Remember to also take time to make joy in your life even if it is just carving out a little bit of time for yourself.

I will continue this series, so enjoy the journey with me!


Funny Face 5 - They Just Keep on Talking; 6 x 8 in., Oil on Panel

Funny Faces - Four; 6 x 8 in., Oil on Panel

Funny Faces - Three: Silent Scream - 12 x 12 in,, Oil on Panel - 3.5 hours

Funny Faces - Two: Say What? - 6 x 6 in., Oil on Panel - 1.5 hours

Funny Faces - One - 5 x 7 in., Oil on Panel

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