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Haywood County Arts Council Paint Out

I was recently invited by a fellow painter to join their group this last Wednesday for a plein air meet up. I have always wanted to meet people who have similar interests as we can share so many tips and methods to painting.

We all meet up at the Haywood County Court house and then dispersed to an area around the court house. At a set time we would meet back up together and show each other our paintings.

In choosing a spot it was hard given the way the sun was approaching the court house. I decided to perch myself behind a huge sign off perpendicular to main street Waynesville and look back at my fellow painters.

While I was starting to roast under the heat of the sun, I learned that I need to paint faster. I am also considering adding 2 additional colors to my pallet as I feel I am missing a great opportunity to make my paintings more vivid than they are. However, I will continue to paint on and learn as much as I can from others.

It was a joy to establish new friendships with this wonderful group of Artists! Hoping that I can paint out with them again soon.


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