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Just for Fun: Only 1 brush, 60 minutes, Go!

Got some time in the studio this evening and wanted to just paint something, anything! I didn’t really care what it was. I looked through my photos on my phone to see if I could be inspired by something. After about 5 minutes of searching not a single photo I scrolled through inspired me. So I guess I do care what I want to paint?…Eh…

I had the itch to paint but no photo inspiration to drive me so I just grabbed a tube of paint and just started mixing. Crazy huh? My left side of the brain was freaking out. I just continued to mix and add the paint it to the canvas. Having no rules means I can’t be disappointed with the end product. Right?

I have always wanted to paint looser and freer. I have struggled with this as I am always catching myself putting in details. So tonight I forced myself to be loose and free by to creating two rules:

  1. Use only 1 (big) brush to force my habit of detail elimination. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to grab a smaller brush!

  2. Limit my painting time to only 60 minutes. Many times I overthink my paintings causing me to overwork them. Not an option.

Challenge accepted!

Summer Daisies; 12 x 12 in., mixed mediums on canvas (oil and acrylic)

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