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Kentucky Silos

One picture; three paintings; three different mediums & surfaces

I was up in Paducah, Kentucky with my Father-in-law over the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday where I joined several farming families in making sausage. This was my 3rd trip out to JW’s Farm. While we were waiting for the hogs to arrive, I walked around and snapped some photos. One of the photos was of the soybean silos. In tackling this project, I decided to try the same painting but with different mediums and different surfaces.

In completing this painting I decided to complete it three ways:

  1.  Acrylic on Canvas

  2. Watercolor on paper

  3. Oil on Panel

Same picture, three attempts with three different mediums and surfaces

Each form of medium requires a different way to approach in starting. So lots of thought had to go into figuring out the appropriate layers. This was my first watercolor since I was in like elementary school so here’s to more practice.


Which is your favorite?

Kentucky Silos One; 12 x 12 in., Acrylic on Canvas

Kentucky Silos Two; 16 x 12 in., Watercolor on Archival Paper

Kentucky Silos Three; 6 x 6 in., Oil on Panel

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