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Late spring at the Biltmore

Hiked a half mile to find the perfect spot located in the side field of the meadow. I nested underneath an Oak tree which provided an excellent source of shade. Packing appropriately for a plein air outing is essential so not having to carry unnecessary items with you. I try to make a list of items I always refer to until it all becomes second nature.

Key learning point from this trip...Make sure to carry bug spray and sun burn can even burn when under a tree and get eaten alive from bugs in the shade...(aka: farmers tan!)

Another thing I remember learning from my reading is that if working with stretched canvas, always carry with you a thick paper or another panel to place behind the canvas to prevent distractions of light lumination coming through the canvas. Not correcting this could have potential in messing up the values I perceive.

Finding the perfect spot is key to any plein air painting.


Biltmore from the Meadow; 5 x 7 in., Oil on Canvas - plein air time 1.25 hours

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