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The Fabulous Fake Show

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Back in January I started work on my submission to the Hendersonville Art League show - Fabulous Fakes. All submissions to the show take on a master copy of a famous work but add a personal spine to it. In the original painting Anders Zorn was holding a cigarette, I changed it out for some flowers. Overall, the process was a lot of fun. I didn't copy it exactly because I wanted it to be my own take. I let the creativity carry me through the process. Stepping back, yes, there are a lot of differences from the original to mine but I am still excited about this work in general. Lots of areas I struggled with and getting the right value.

The entries in the show were just AWESOME! Lots of such great talent in our own community!

Anders Zorn Brings Flowers; 30 x 24 in., Oil on Canvas

Close up detail of the face.

Anders Zorn Fabulous Fake
Here is a better perspective view of the piece

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