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Painting A Beauty

My wife would never sit for me. Believe me, I have asked so many times. So being the sly husband I am, I snapped this picture when we were at a restaurant as I loved the way the light was hitting her. Boom!

Hoping she at least likes it. I LOVE IT! Going to hang this in my studio.

I started out in the same manner as I did with my self-portrait in drawing on the canvas. This again takes the most time. Making sure I capture the exact likeness. After many edits, I felt it was enough to make sure I lay the paint where it needed to go.

I have included process shots.


2 hours of drawing to capture the likeness, lots of erasing and moving lines during this process

Megan; 24 x 24 in., Oil on Canvas - 6 hours alla prima

Side by side comparison of both Compositions

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