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Painting in the Light

Yesterday was so cold and windy. Living on a mountain top has its perks but at times like these when there is little to stop the wind the cold gets to your bones. After completing my morning errands I came home to no power. It was out for over 3.5 hours in total. Power is essential as we live on a well. So what do you do during these times? Read? - I thought about it, but I just finished a massive CE for my pharmacy boards and I really had been burned out in the readings. So why not be creative? I set up my Plein air easel down in the Kitchen and painted in the sunlight. Searched in my sea of photos, and came across this gem. It would be my ninth in my funny face series. I am after all the cheapest model I know. Here, I took process shots of how I progress through a painting.

One piece of advice I can give you is that it is imperative to allow the creative process to happen, even if you think it is turning out to look awful. It will all come together in the end!

First, block in the canvas and major shapes. Get the entire area covered. Then taking off this building block compare shapes to one another along with values. Build up the painting and make sure the macrostructure is a likeness. Then continue to push and pull the paint until you are satisfied with the end result.


My Process to Build a portrait (still a work in progress)

Funny Faces - 9; Being Nosey, 6 x 8 in., Oil on Linen

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