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plein air tree studies

Well, the verdict is in...trees are not as easy to paint as I would like. I love them so much as each tree can share a story. Why is something so simple so hard to capture?

I have a lot more studying to do, especially getting the right values and brush strokes. Though this is my first attempt at plein air trees, I at least know what didn't work. Maybe I can think about how I should have initiated the design. (I have to confess, I did not commit do doing a sketch of my composition before to iron out all the issues - this was a key point expressed in most of the books I have read...I guess I was lazy).

I ended up taking black and white pictures in order to assess value (I have shared them in this post). Still a struggle for me. I will be headed to GA soon for an art workshop. Hoping to score some good one on one time with the art instructor for better guidance.

Heres to trying it again...


Light Through the Trees; 6 x 8 in., Oil on Panel - time 1.5 hours

Trees on the Hill; 6 x 8 in., Oil on Panel - Plein air time 1 hr

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