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It has almost been a month since I have had time to paint. Like life, other things have to take priority. I am working evenings this week and decided to tackle a commissioned portrait for a friend of mine this morning. After thumbing through over a hundred different photos of Savannah, I finally was able to edit this one to capture enough of her personality.

In doing this painting and several other portraits, I have decided that I will need to go back and complete some painting charts. Painting charts, while elementary, they are are very tedious and time-consuming, but necessary in able to gain a full appreciation for the colors you have. It is just something I keep putting off. I did in a previous post earlier this year, I focused more on value (from dark to light) and not how each color looks mixed with one another. This is an important step I feel I missed. In my reading, I would expect to work on this for the next several months as each color cart can take a while and I do expect to make mistakes along the way. This is what Learning is all about.

Current Colors on my Pallet (Utrech Oil paints):

1. Permanent rose (not used often, very little if used)

2. Cadmium Lemon Yellow (cool yellow)

3. Cadmium Yellow Light (warm yellow)

4. Yellow Ocher (cool yellow)

5. Alizarin Crimson (cool red)

6. Cadmium Red Medium (warm red)

7. Phalo Blue (cool blue)

8. Ultramarine Blue (warm blue)

9. Burnt Umber

10. Titanium White

11. Considering an Orange (jury is still out on this one)


Savannah; 11 x 14 in., Oil on Panel

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