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The Art of a Workshop (D1.5)

Day 1 (evening) - [sorry for the slowness in posting - it has been a busy week]

The first part of the workshop Patrick completed a demo painting and explained his process. While this workshop was in Georgia I felt I should take advantage of the alone time to continue to paint that evening. In skimming through the photos I brought, I set my eyes on another NYC icon, The Plaza Hotel.

I completed this painting in about 2 hours. After completing it, I felt like I needed to spend a little bit more time on it. I decided to not touch it again until after I got home. On and evening after coming home from work I was able to square away some time to work on the painting. After taking a second look I focused in on my problem areas (compared it back to the picture). Fixed the concrete reflection and some of the trees and brightened the sky (as seen in the picture) and a few building touch ups. I also touched up some of the values in the people on the plaza.

Twenty-four hours later, I re-looked at the painting again and noticed that my values are still not right with the people in the foreground (way too bright). They are just off slightly compared to the values surrounding them. So, like the big boy I am, I have to fix it. This is okay of course because this is a reward of longer study and understanding to know that something should be fixed.

The main theme with the Patrick Saunders workshop hit me again:

Paint what you see, not what you think you see! - P.S.

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