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The Art of a Workshop - D1

Day 1

As I grow as an artist, I find that I still need to connect with other great artists with similar interests. I really do thirst for knowledge to improve my skills as a non-full time artist. I recently took a workshop under Patrick Saunders in Dahlonega, GA at The Art Loft with 11 other great artists. I had been admiring his work for a couple of years before and was excited to learn he was doing a 4 day Artist workshop only 3 hours away from Hendersonville. I could not turn down this opportunity.

The first day (part 1 of 2) focused on learning to paint using photos as a source of inspiration. I brought an array of varying pictures from my personal collection of past trips and vacations I have taken with my wife. I somehow set my sights to paint something really hard while I had Patrick there to guide me through the waves of the artistic process.

I ended up choosing a photo I had taken when my wife and I visited NYC during the Memorial Day holiday that I have always liked. I would encourage anyone to take the time to visit NYC if they haven't had a chance too. I have always been attracted to pieces of art that contained people in them. They bring a life to any painting that landscapes a long I feel lack.

So I pushed myself to paint the hustle and bustle of the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park.

Bethesda Terrace is considered the heart of Central Park. In their original plan, Park designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux envisioned a sweeping Promenade (the Mall) that led to a grand terrace overlooking the Lake. The magnificent carvings represent the four seasons and, on the side facing the Mall, the times of day.

Day 1 of workshop - Learning to paint from Photos (Painting 1 of 2)

Part 2 will be coming soon. We are going to visit yet another NYC landmark. Stay tuned!


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