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The Sandpiper Gathering

The Sandpiper Gathering; 10 x 20 in., Acrylic on Canvas - COMMISSIONED

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina was an enjoyable part of my life. Though I no longer live in Charleston, I think of it often and do get back to visit family. Going to the beach almost every weekend was the norm. These Pelicans are just something commonly seen no matter where you are.

I was commissioned to paint something that was big enough but not too big for a dinning room. I was given ideas and I ran with it.

Color palette, neutral and soft tones. Started with a Burnt Senna background and moved forward in the layers to get the exact impressionistic look I was going for.

Underpainting; allowing the burnt senna to show through

Transposing the main elements

This painting was commissioned in Orlando, Florida.

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