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The Southern Hydrangea

Day 2 of Workshop (Floral Still Life)

Patrick Saunders has always captivated me with how he paints florals. On our second day of the workshop he focused his efforts in teaching the group how he approaches a still life. He brought in some sunflowers and explained his process of painting from direct observation. I asked a ton of questions of course...

Still life Demo by Patrick Saunders @ his workshop

As someone who loves to garden I take a great pride in seeing all the blooms in spring and early summer. My oak leaf and endless summer hydrangeas are loaded to the brim with blooms. Given that Patrick is a great teacher I pushed myself during this workshop way out of my comfort zone and decided to paint one of my hydrangeas. He helped me to not get lost in the dynamics of the hydrangea.

I took his method and started directly with an OMS wash of color to block in a design and then went straight in on my focal point. Then painted outward.

Again, paint what you see and not what you think you see.

More paintings to come. Stay tuned...


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