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To Rescue a painting, or Burn a painting

There comes a time when you been putting off painting a photo that you just force yourself to go ahead and do it. Again, going through my photos and found a picture of the shasta daisies in my yard from last summer. Well, the photo itself was boring, so I just changed it up a little. However, after 2 hours in, the painting was going nowhere. There comes a time that you think every painting can be rescued from the burn pile. However, this one I don’t think I could rescue. Bad, bad, bad…next…

Even though I think this painting is bad, I am still posting it as reminder to myself that I still have to grow as an artist. I have come far, but still have a long ways to go yet. All artists are entitled to paint a few bad paintings so that we can get to the good ones.

One of the many rules I have learned in painting is that if you feel you are going nowhere, stop, and put the painting away. I went to work and did my thing, came home and looked at it with fresh eyes. The following I felt was needed to make the painting not so boring…not sure if I am still going to burn it.

Was this painting rescued? What would you do differently?

Shasta Daisies in the Field; 12 x 16 in., Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

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