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View over the Rooftops

Rooftops; 30 x 48 in., Oil and Acrylic Painting Mediums

20 days of design/painting! Wake up, go to work, come home, paint a little, sleep, repeat as needed!

This is by far the largest painting I have done to date (30 x 48 inches). My wife commissioned me to paint something interesting and imaginative that was vibrant enough that could be hung in our kitchen, above our table.

It all started out with an idea and went from there.

Design phase/rough sketch of design – the design I liked best, wife approved!

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to new artists is that you just can’t start painting without giving yourself a plan and map. It would stink to start painting and realize that you didn’t make enough room for an element that was important.

Here are some progress pics:

Initial under-paint with Burnt Umber. Coal ash used to draw in the main elements

Second, used acrylic underpaints to form in the main elements and sky. Oils would cover over the acrylic paints.

On top of the acrylic underpaint, Working from Background to Foreground, focused on sky in Oil Paints

Finally, after 20 days, this painting was complete!

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