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Water Lilies and Koi

I take hundreds of photos in hopes that out of those hundred there might be just one worth capturing in paint. I had taken a photo of my Koi pond over two years ago and had put it aside for another time. The photo resurfaced recently and I had the time to paint it.

I attempted to paint it twice. Mainly twice because I wanted to see if I could improve within just one sitting of the previous. The first approach will be with only 1 hour and only memory of the picture. The second approach was 2 hours with the picture reference available to review. Both paintings were completed with the same medium and size panel.

What do you think? Which one appeals to you the most?

Approach #1: Only one look at the reference photo, 1 hour, Acrylic on Panel

Lilies and Koi of the Pond - One; 8 x 11 in., Acrylic on Panel

Approach #2: Reference photo available, 2 hours, Acrylic on Panel

Lilies and Koi of the Pond - Two; 8 x 11 in., Acrylic on Panel

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