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All the Children

My sister, Sarah, is a Mom of 4 great kids, Wife, and full-time Paralegal. With all that she has going on in her life, she was able to carve time out each day to focus on her future. She recently just graduated from college. With all that is going on in the world, she wasn't able to walk across a stage to get her diploma. In honor of her, I wanted to give her a gift of her children in a painting. I love her so much and hope these will always bring a smile to her face.

In capturing children it can be harder than painting an adult. Given this, each brushstroke is more important than the last because you can quickly age a child with additional brush strokes. I wanted to keep all the paintings loose and fresh! Working from a series of photos, I chose the ones that bleed their personality. Can you feel it?

Cheers to you Sister! Love you.

Kyle; 6 x 6 in., Oil on Panel

Lucas; 5 x 7 in., Oil on Panel

Kimball; 5 x 7 in., Oil on Panel

Sam; 6 x 6 in., Oil on Panel

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