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Orange Rose - Take 1 and 2

After working the weekend and not having any time to paint in the past week I focused my efforts to paint a photo I had taken several months back, The Orange Rose. So many basic shapes were noted in the appearance; however, proved to be a difficult task. After finishing my morning coffee I decided to focus my efforts on a 30 minute study before I left the house to complete all my remaining chores.

Being sure to squint at my photo, I free handed the entire flower. While this isn't my normal way of producing a painting, I always welcome happy accidents. In thinking I was done with my painting I decided that if I would try yet again when I returned home. And so I did. I approached each painting differently. With the first, I carved out the flower with the background then did the flower.

The second attempt I did a light OMS wash with the orange color first then attacked my area of interest. Then I carved the flower out with the background color.

Hoping to get a little looser for the bigger painting...stay tuned.


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