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Put the vegetables back in the refrigerator...except for the onion

Well, after two back to back nights of working on a painting, it appears that the second attempt is an improvement, but I am no where satisfied with the outcome. I am learning that underpainting is important but I am not getting the 'pop' I was going for. Here you will see two examples of the same vegetables, but different compositions and layouts. The first painting (take 1) was done with a blue underpainting. Given that I used oil, painting yellow squash on top of a blue underpainting makes GREEN! So I scraped it off multiple times (cussing myself that I didn't know this before hand) to get it to even look like something realistic. So lesson learned = don't use an underpainting color that makes a color of the main objects (zucchini). It just won't work. Anyways, after playing around with it I walked away for the night.

Taking the lessons that I learned from the first painting (take 1), I tacked the same concept again but with a darker under-painting color (burnt umber). Overall, the Spanish onion suffered death on this one. The squash came off nicely though (is this the star of the show?). The zucchini was a bad option to add to the scene but too late. I will keep it simpler next time. Anyways, I am opening the door to more questions with each painting that I have to answer for myself that I didn't know I really needed. This should be part of growth anyways, right? Enjoy these two paintings for now, until next time. I think I may paint my pups next...stay tuned.

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